The Curry Life - 5 Amazing Instant Pot Curry Recipes

I love a good curry, who doesn’t? But sometimes, thanks to that pesky thing called work, it’s hard to find time for the prep and cooking involved in making a good curry.

But luckily, you can use an Instant Pot!

I don’t know what I would do without my pressure cooker–it’s the best thing for making dinner a breeze. You can use it to make anything from soups and stews to roasts or even desserts. 5 Amazing Instant Pot Curry Recipes

But what I love most about my Instant Pot is that you can cook delicious curries in as little as 20 minutes!

There are so many curry dishes worldwide, ranging from Indian curries, African curries, Japanese curries, and more. They all have their unique flavors and ingredients, but they are still very similar in many ways too.

One of the reasons I love the Instant Pot is because of its versatility. I can cook a wide range of meals quickly and easily without compromising taste (it will boost the flavor!).

One of my favorite meals to cook in my Instant Pot is curry. There are many different ways to make one, and I have selected some that I feel you will love and which can be made in your Instant Pot (or pressure cooker of choice).

I’ve tried to select a range of curries from around the world, so they may not be something you have tried before, but I’m sure you will find something to love.

Here are 5 of my favorite instant pot curry recipes:

Really Easy Instant Pot Chicken Curry

Really Easy Instant Pot Chicken Curry

There are so many reasons why people should try cooking with an Instant Pot. They are fast, easy to use and they make delicious food! And the best part is that you can cook a lot at once.

This chicken curry recipe is perfect for those who love Indian food but don’t have time to make it from scratch every night. It’s also great if you want an easy weeknight dinner idea and you need something new!

Recipe Here: Recipes From A Pantry

Pressure Cooker Japanese Curry

If you have never tried Japanese curry, then you are in for a treat. It is full of flavor, and it is perfect for those days when you are not feeling up to cooking a complicated meal.

This recipe will show you how easy it is to make a fantastic Japanese curry using your pressure cooker!


Instant Pot Curried Goat

Regardless of the occasion, my Instant Pot Curry Goat never fails to impress my guests. Not only is it the sauce that makes this dish so delicious, but it’s also the subtle flavors found in goat meat.

I always prepare a little too much so that my guests can take some home for their family. If you’ve never tried curried goat before, try this recipe, and I guarantee you will love it.

Recipe Here: African Bites

Instant Pot Fish Saag - Fish Curry

Instant Pot Fish Saag | Fish Curry

Fish Saag curry is nutritious, delicious, and easy to make. It’s full of spinach, spices, and coconut milk and is part of a balanced meal. It also happens to be dairy-free and gluten-free.

Cooking seafood in the Instant Pot is a great idea as long as you have a good recipe to follow. It is moist and flavorful from the spices and aromatics you cooked with it. The fish used in this recipe is Haddock, and it cooks well without much fuss in the Instant Pot.

Recipe Here: Two Sleevers


Instant Pot Thai Red Curry With Chicken

This delightful Instant Pot Thai Red Curry with Chicken is the best! Jasmine Rice is a perfect side dish for these curries, and you can have it ready in no time using an Instant Pot. Combine rice and Thai red curry using the pot-in-pot method for a quick, one-pot meal.

Via Paint The Kitchen Red

My Kitchen Essentials

I get a lot of messages asking what kitchen utensils I use so here is a list and links to some of the things I have in my kitchen.

6 Great Pressure Cookers

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Instant Pot Duo

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Yedi 9-in-1 Cooker

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Ninja Foodi 8-Quart

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All American 921

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Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus

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