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Kerrie Murphy

Founder & Editor
Kerrie is the founder & editor of whichpressurecooker.com. She is all about the fine detail and she is the technical brains behind our team. She is the proud mother of two boys and a dog named Samson

I bought my first pressure cooker 12 years ago and remember being a bit overwhelmed with the range of choice available. I had a million questions and there weren’t really any decent resources available for me to refer to. What size should I buy? What brands are reliable? Did I need a specific pressure cooker to cook certain foods? Is it ok to buy a cheap pressure cooker etc.

We use our pressure cooker almost every day and I am passionate about helping others find the right pressure cooker for them and their family. I understand how confusing buying a pressure cooker can be and appreciate you would like to feel confident in your research before parting with your money.

A Bit About Us

Whichpressurecooker.com uses a fact-based approach to reviewing pressure cookers. We ensure that we provide a list of the best products available, combined with product buying information, to help consumers find the right product for them.

In our quest to provide you with information that takes the hassle out of purchasing we ensure that all our reviews are based on in-depth research, product tests and analysis carried out by our team. Our research is then presented in an easy to understand format.

We Aim to Save You Time & Hassle

Our lives are busier than ever so finding the time to research your next purchase is difficult. Not only is time in short supply but the range of products available has exploded, so it is no surprise many people do not have the energy to spend hours researching which products to buy. We aim to solve this problem by providing clear information to help you choose the right pressure cooker for you and your family.

Our buying information also helps visitors to easily understand their purchases. Instead of spending hours doing research, our visitors can find the right products in minutes.

Expert reviews are often based on the opinion of one reviewer, and consumer ratings sometimes contain fake reviews. Our final ratings are based on a number of factors which includes current reliable expert and consumer reviews, research reports and historical trends. We feel this results in a highly accurate product rating of each product.

Our Mission

Our product recommendations help thousands of people choose the right pressure cooker every month. We hope that by providing informative reviews we ensure our customers get the right product for them. We also want to ensure that manufacturers are forced to concentrate on making better products and not just concentrate on marketing any old product. If more consumers use reliable reviews before purchasing then fewer people will purchase poorer quality products and therefore this may force manufacturers to focus more on research, development and quality materials.

Once you have purchased the right pressure cooker for you and your family we know you may have further questions such as, what things can I cook, how do I ensure my food keeps as many nutrients as possible, tips and tricks, how to keep my pressure cooker in the best condition etc. Because we know questions don’t stop once the purchase is complete we are constantly creating and updating articles that we hope will answer the most frequently asked questions.

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Kerrie Murphy

Website Editor